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Volunteer Opportunities

The OKMHF is comprised of a patriotic group of nearly 100 dedicated volunteers from all parts of Oklahoma who share a common desire to honor the extraordinary leadership and heroic actions of our Oklahoma service men and women. OKMHF volunteers are called Ambassadors. We are looking for enthusiastic, patriotic, energetic people, with or without military backgrounds, who would like to join us in this very rewarding effort to recognize Oklahoma's finest. Please contact us if you are interested in helping in any of the following capacities.

Ambassadors' Functions & Operations Guidelines

  • The Ambassador is the mainstay of the OKMHF. All Ambassadors are volunteers.
  • Assists with all aspects in preparations for the Annual Induction Banquet.
  • Coordinate all their activities through the OKMHF Board Members.
  • Assists in the promotion of the OKMHF.
  • Assist in the procurement of individuals for nomination into the OKMHF.
  • Assists the nominator submitting a nomination application packet for consideration by the OKMHF Selection Board.
  • Assist with the production of the annual luncheon and banquet.
  • Ambassadors are entitled to wear the official medallion at all OKMHF functions, and are encouraged to wear it to all formal functions, whether OKMHF related or not.
  • There is no time limitation on serving as an Ambassador.
  • All members of the OKMHF Board of Directors are Ambassadors.
  • All inductees automatically become Ambassadors.
  • Non-Military Volunteers are encouraged to participate in the promotion of the OKMHF, and to nominate individuals for induction into the OKMHF.

How you can get involved:

 Ambassador-in-Charge for an Honoree
       Digitize old files      Photography
 Dignitary Escort  Public Affairs  Portrait Artist
 Community Liaison  Newsletter  Fundraising
 Freehand Pencil Drawing
  Mailouts  IT
 Review Nomination Packets
  Write Articles  Selection Committee
 Sing the National Anthem  Audio/Visual  Event Planning
 Computer Programming  Flags for Banquet  Music
 Website Management  Registration Table  Other

If you are interested in volunteering for the OKMHF, please contact us by;

email: Info@okmhf.org 

mail: Oklahoma Military Heritage Foundation, P.O. Box 30658 Edmond, OK 73003

Like us on FaceBook: Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame