may be anyone from anywhere who are familiar with the military record of service of those they nominate. It is the Nominator's job to supply all required information needed for evaluation by the Selection Committee. Nominations are due no later than June 1st of each year.

Criteria for Rating the Nominee:

  1. The military record of the individual must demonstrate heroic and/or extraordinary leadership action, service, or sacrifice; and principal awards received. These items must be documented on the DD-214 (separation/discharge document or equivalent).
  2. Nominee must have outstanding civilian public service and/or patriotic service to include civic work, service to veterans, projects influencing or motivating youth, helping the handicapped and disabled, community improvements, leadership positions, etc.
  3. Nominee must have a well-established Oklahoma connection. Nominee must be a native Oklahoman or have lived a major portion of his/her life in Oklahoma. This may also include one who played a major role in one of the military installations in Oklahoma, not one who simply passes through one of the installations during a military career.

Selection Process:

The OKMHF typically has about 50 nomination packets to review each year. Nominees being considered by the Selection Committee must receive a certain minimum qualifying score to be in the running for selection. The top ten scorers become the selectees for the next annual event.

If a nominee is not selected but receives a minimum qualifying score, then the nominee will be reconsidered in subsequent years by the Selection Committee. It is not necessary for the Nominator to re-submit a new nomination packet each year. However, the Nominator is encouraged to submit any significant new information for addition to the nominee's file.

Nominees may be living or deceased. A number of inductees from past years who were killed in action or killed during their years of military service had little or no civilian public service activities. In their cases, selection is based soley upon their heroic actions and/or extraordinary military service.

When your nominee becomes a selectee:

We also refer to selectees as inductees or honorees. The nominator and honoree will be assigned an OKMHF volunteer called an Ambassador-in-Charge (AIC). The two of you will work closely to coordinate all required details for your honoree. The induction event close to Veterans Day is moving and memorable.


  1. Please label the backs of all photos with name, rank, branch 0f service and year, if known.
  2. Please send copies of all items. If you do send originals, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope so we can return them to you. OMHF will not be responsible for lost original documents.
  3. A bulging application packet over-loaded with letters and loose clippings is likely to have something overlooked or lost. It is best to submit a clear, concise packet with only the most important documentation such as major military citations, civilian awards, and pertinent news articles.